What a bespoke 3D configurator does for ecommerce

Many products nowadays can be configured: sneakers, cars or boats to name a few. Modern mass-customization processes make it possible to sell unique products to each customer. Showing your product in ecommerce is very important. How do you visualize a product with millions of variants?

A complex product showing many options. See this project in action here: https://configure.zodiac-nautic.com

A 3D configurator is the most logical solution. 3D models make your product and its options easier to understand. You can view the product from all angles. You can show all options and colors instead of only the most popular ones. There’s a wow-factor. 3D on the web and in ecommerce has many benefits and is becoming more common every day.

But, isn’t creating a 3D configurator very difficult?

A 3D configurator project usually contains the following items:

Establish your goals

It’s always necessary to find out what you want to accomplish with your project. A 3D configurator, as any website, is an investment which should have a solid ROI and support your business goals. At least, those are the projects I tend to work on with my team.

Create 3D models

Creating 3D models has become easier and 3D creation tools, such as scanners, are more accessible than ever. You might even already have 3D engineering models of your products. Though, making sure the models perform well on all devices, even on mobile, some skill is needed. Making a 3D model configurable is even a step up from that. You need knowledge of the entire configuration process.

Make a graphic and interaction design

In my opinion, a configurator is a specialized website. Many web design patterns apply to configurators too. But the interaction design differs a lot. With a configurator you want to give visitors the feeling of control. They need to be able to manipulate the 3D model. On the other hand, it’s easy to overwhelm the visitor by showing every cool option your product has to offer. You need to strike the balance between keeping it simple and showing all options.

Frontend and backend programming

Finally, you need a 3D engine to show the models. There are several engines, from simple to complex. The complexity of programming very much depends on the complexity of the interaction with the 3D model. Is it about changing a few colors, or do you want to manipulate the shape or even assemble parts? We work with leading 3D engines, such as sketchfab, three.js and babylon.js and make a well-informed choice per project.

A bespoke experience helps customers understand and make purchases: gasgrill-shop 3d configurator

Showing your unique product, with all its options, in 3D will boost your business. But who to turn to? A web agency won’t have 3D experience, a 3D boutique might lack realtime skills and web designers aren’t always aware of “configurator overload”. A good 3D configurator isn’t a commodity.

If your product is unique, has features and options like no other and you’re looking for a solid 3D experience you’ve come to the right place. My team and I have the experience to make your products shine. Talk to us if you want to reduce risk and get results fast.

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