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3D configurator demos for Green Retreats and Lojer

I’ve recently made a few 3d configurator sales demos for two leads: Green retreats and Lojer. Both demos have been built with Sketchfab as 3d engine.

Green Retreats

Green Retreats builds garden buildings. You can use these for many things, such as an office, workout space, “man cave” or art studio. They have many types of buildings in different sizes and with many customizations. It’s the ideal product for a configurator! In order to show what a configurator can do for them, I’ve built a demo 3d configurator based on 3d models they already had made for Sketchfab. My demo template allows me to build demos like these very fast, check it out here:


Lojer makes hospital equipment and medical furniture. They’re exploring the possibilities of 3d configurators as well. Just like Green Retreats, Lojer sells many products which have lots of accessories and material options. These are incredibly hard to convey in catalogs, product photography or even product renderings.

A 3D configurator is much more flexible, can show many options and colors and with the right design it’s much easier to sell option packages. A well designed configurator gets customers on track much faster and requires less effort from sales people. As an added bonus, using the engineering models from the client makes it much faster to create a configurator.

Take a look at the demo I’ve build for Lojer


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Austin Dollarreply
2020-01-08 at 05:58

Hey Klaas, I am very interested in your web configurator for my shipping container business. Given your work, I feel you are the perfect fit to help me create a custom shipping container web configurator. I have a lot of questions and ideas. Let me know what all information I need to provide to you, in order for us to come up with an estimated price to build such website. I look forward to hopefully working with you.

Klaas Nienhuisreply
2020-01-13 at 10:29
– In reply to: Austin Dollar

Hi Austin, I’ve sent you an email. Looking forward to working together.

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