Maproom helps you build great maps in a fraction of the time. Maproom downloads the data you need: satellite imagery, digital terrains, building models, building outlines and roads and combines it into a single map. No more messing around with screengrabbed satellite images and trying to match them up with other data. With Maproom making the map you need really is that easy.

Purchase a license to get access to all the PRO features.

Read more about Maproom here: Maproom

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After purchasing, you will receive a product key and a link to the software for download. You can also download Maproom for free to try it out with some limitations.

Read more about Maproom here: Maproom

Check out the terms and conditions, refund, support and shipping information. Also be aware of the restrictions when using third party data.


8 reviews for Maproom

  1. Daniel

    I wanted to try it out for free. However, after the download and install, no function is usable in the window. I tried every button, none of them has response. How should I do?

  2. Klaas Nienhuis (verified owner)

    Hi Daniel, are you by any chance using 3ds Max 2019? There’s a bug in it which causes this behavior. You can fix it by updating 3ds Max 2019 (https://klaasnienhuis.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/12000055738-3ds-max-2019-startup-issue)

  3. Baljeet Singh

    Can I use it in mac

    • Klaas Nienhuis (verified owner)

      Hi there, I’m afraid not. 3dsmax is windows only. Maproom is a script for 3dsMax and thus windows only as well.

  4. Octav

    Hello Klass,

    I have 3ds max 2017, I am trying to test the free version, but I can only find terrain(satelite image) layers, but not the osm with 3d buildings which I see in the videos. Is this a limitation of the demo?

    • Klaas Nienhuis (verified owner)

      Hi Octav, you’re correct. The free version doesn’t include the 3d buildings.

  5. Jordan

    Hello Klaas,

    Does the plugin have the ability to import your own custom .shp files and generate 3D models?
    Also curious as to where it pulls all of this data and how up to date it is – I assume its openmap data from the online database?


    • Klaas Nienhuis (verified owner)

      Hi Jordan, indeed Maproom can import your own shp files. Though for shp import I only support paths points and shapes, not 3d models. But when you’ve imported your shapes, you can use 3dsMax to create the 3d models yourself.
      Data is pulled from several locations. You can read about them here: https://klaasnienhuis.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/12000020516-what-map-data-is-available-. You can check for each source how up to date it is, but most of the sources are updated regularly.

  6. Mahipal Singh

    how to run trial version?

  7. Mahipal Singh

    I tired trail version but its not working in 3ds max 2019

  8. francois egreteau

    Hi Klaas,

    Thanks for this very nice tools who is Maproom. It works very well on the first machine we installed it, but we would like to use (not on the same time) on another machine. The “deactivate product key” is not working (on the already install machine) and. of course, the “Activate product key” not working on the new machine.
    Could you help us for that. Especially on this home office time it will be great if we get more flexibility.
    Thank and have a nice day.

    • Klaas Nienhuis (verified owner)

      Hi Francois, I’ve taken care of this via email.

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