F.Domes geodesic dome configurator

Together with Frodo Schering (design and main contractor) and Innouveau (web development) we’ve built a 3D configurator for dome tents. Pick a size, move the entrance, add a window and voila! You can start glamping, grow vegetables, do yoga or teach children in your own dome! Try it out here.

The F.Domes configurator

These geodesic domes are manufactured by F.Domes from Poland. They create huge domes for events which you can rent, but they also build smaller domes for consumers. Our 3D configurator enables consumers to build their own dome, just the way they like it.

3D configurator

The dome tents have many options. It’s impossible to capture all combinations in product renderings. For a consumer product you need to show your product in all its glory and in such a way the consumer understands. Otherwise the competition will catch up. That’s why realtime 3D is the obvious choice. It’s easy to understand, you can look at the product from all sides and you can show all options instead of just some of them.


Although you can’t pay for your dome on the website, you can send your order with a fully configured and specified dome. All F.Domes needs to do is open the order, check it and send an invoice. This means F.Domes can sell a very complex product almost entirely from within this website. No showrooms, no salespeople, no visiting hours.

Show lots of information in an easy to navigate website


The design of the website and configurator is completely custom. The site works great on desktop and on mobile. So you can stand in line for a coffee, and at the same time configure and order a dome tent for your next adventure. The design communicates craftmanship, an eye for detail and functionality. That’s more than an off the shelf solution can give you.

What does the client say

In a world where customers want to make products their own, tools like this configurator become irreplaceable. The F.Domes 3D configurator has redefined our sales process and allows us to sell globally, despite a limited dealership network. Since launching the configurator the number of monthly leads has increased by 30% to 40%. The quality of the leads has also improved. Our prospects are product-educated after using the 3D configurator and know the ins and outs of our product. Often, we just need to finalize the order coming out of the 3D configurator. It has reduced the strain on our sales team and is a huge timesaver overall.

Klaas and the team did an exceptional job, guiding us through the complex process of building a configurator. They were responsive and cooperative and, being experts at their trade, were quick with solutions to our requests. I can recommend working with Klaas and the team to anyone who’s looking to build a web app involving 3D content. In fact, we’re going to do this ourselves for our other product lines in the near future!

Adam Łyczakowski, Co-Founder and Managing Partner F.Domes

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