Openstreetmap in 3ds Max

Work with openstreetmap data, satellite images and more in Maproom. You can try it out for free.

Getting map data quickly into 3dsMax is not that easy. First you need to get hold of a map-data file 3dsMax can read, like openstreetmap. Then you need to import it without breaking the map. Finally you need to make something 3D out of it, like extruding buildings and sweeping roads.

Check out the video: download, build and style a map in under 5 minutes

Speeding it up

I’m working on a script to bring this process down to a matter of minutes. Just get some coordinates from the area you want to make a map of and let the script deal with the rest.

It will download the map data and get it into 3dsMax. Finally it converts the imported shapes into 3D objects. I use a stylesheet for this, insired by the Carto stylesheet used in tilemill. The stylesheet determines what kind of 3D geometry is created: how wide are the roads, what color are the parks, how high are the buildings. Stuff like that. My goal is to make an editor for the stylesheet to give users the power to make their map their own.


One big issue I’m facing is dealing with Z-fighting. This happens when there are multiple surfaces in the same place at the same height. And it happens a lot.

This script has been greatly inspired by the OSM importer for Cinema4D



Hello! Great stuff! How can I get that?:)

Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Alex, the script isn’t quite ready. I’m not sure on a release date yet.

Viktar Kalesnikau

Awesome! Looking foward for this script! Will it be free or commercial one?
Thank you for your efforts!

Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Viktar, thanks for the feedback. I’m actually thinking about making it a commercial script. But I’ll make sure to release a free version as well. Any other features you’d be interested in?


Hi, Really nice script! Any Gui or UI to make this map manageable, with layers, proxy low poly high poly, easy export to fbx..yes it is a lot to ask…great work ! 🙂 ( I am thinking of a script like “building generator” from Tyson Ibele).Good luck for your projects!

Klaas Nienhuis

Hey Kali, thanks for the feedback. Those are great ideas. At the moment, after importing the map is “dumb”. There’s no more data attached, except for the objectnames. If there’s more data, such as layers, location data, heights and such a gui would be great to manage this.
I think Tyson’s building generator can already import OSM data. I’m not sure though. I also thought about combining it with railclone to generate cities quickly.


Hi Klaas,
Nice script, im interested. It would save me having to import through Global mapper.

Any updates?

Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Brodie, thanks for the feedback. I am quietly working on a GIS tool for 3dsMax which combines OSM, KML, DEM (heights) and raster maps, such as bing or esri. I don’t have any updates currently but I’m getting there!

Matt B.

Hi Klaas,
It is always incredible to meet certain person who contributes to the creation of new tools by giving their time, their knowledge and their energy for the community.
I saw the Dem Earth plug for C4D which is just very powerful… the closest plug for 3dsmax… is yours now!! Couldn’t find another one by far.
Hope that u will be able to import the map from google earth to project it.
My english is not the best but many thanks from France.
Best regards.

Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Matt, thanks a lot. I appreciate the encouragement!


Really great software, something i have been waiting and think for some times already… I hope you are not going to give up and you could try it soon! 🙂


Great work !=)
Any news ?)

Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Denys, working hard on it. No updates yet though. Sorry


It look like a really great tools :O Congrats for your amazing work.
I’ll stayed tune because I really want to try this out. I think it can be great to build some stages for a rally game with your tool (for now, I use kml importer and build everything else by hand… what a waste of time ! ).
Thanks again !

Mark Beckitt

am greatly interested in this, setting up real scenes would be a doddle, hoping you finish this year, great stuff

Klaas Nienhuis

Thanks Mark, I’m hoping for the same!

Framarz Mistry

This script is something I have been waiting for a very long time. Any update on when it would be ready, the free and the commercial one?

Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Framarz, working on the Maproom script right now which will contain the openstreetmap toolset shown here. No definitive planning yet though.

Hua Liao

It is amazing! I am so interested in this! Hope things are going well. Any updates about the script and tool?


Hey since there is no alternative solution out there for 3ds max you are the only hope to get something DEM earth like! whats your progress? this would be really helpful!

Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Sebastian, I understand your frustration/eagerness to try this script out. I’ve been developing it for quite a while but am quite swamped with other projects at the moment.

Framarz Mistry

Hi Klaas,

sorry to keep bugging you with the same question, but is it ready? 🙂

Would love to start using it right away.

Thank you

Klaas Nienhuis

Hey Framarz, I’ve added you to the list for the Maproom beta. You should get the invite shortly.

Philipp Hubmer

Hy! Great Script!
Are there any news?



Hello , is there still room for the Beta of the script ?
If so i would be more than happy to assist with testing !

Thank you


Really dude ?! You’re just making the most usefull tools for my work ! Any release/beta date ? So impatient to test … really awesome work.


dont forget for C4D pls.


Amazing,how can I use it ?

Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Ian, I suggest you take a look at Maproom ( which includes openstreetmap parsing. In maproom you specify an area you’re interested in (for instance a city) and you select the data you want to see (for instance buildings and roads) and then hit the “download” button. Maproom does the rest and gives you splines you can work with directly in 3dsMax.

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