3d product customize

Leverage 3D for online product customization

3d product customize

Mass customization

Launching a new product or style is scary business. You need to know beforehand your product will sell. Otherwise the risk is just too great. Building a product your customers can customize is a great way to reduce risk. Making a product your own connects you to a brand but also sets you apart. It’s the ideal recipe for brand identity.

But, how do you sell a new product which doesn’t exist yet? You can’t have an online store without product-photos. Images are key to selling.

3D models

Modern 3D technology lets you create lifelike images. You don’t need an actual product to start creating the images. You’ll get the consistent results you’re looking for. You can also go one step further and skip the images altogether. Using realtime 3D content instead of images is a lot more flexible. In general you’ll have to sacrifice some of the realism though.

I can help you set up 3D content for your configurator. I can also build great content and set it up for imaging or realtime.

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