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Make floorplans in 3D

Nowadays it’s a breeze to redesign your home. No need to learn complex CAD software, just do it online. Plenty of online services are available to help you create a floorplan for your new livingroom, bedroom or garden. Check out, homestyler, roomsketcher, exhibitcore or planner5d for example. Also for businesses it’s easier than ever to try out a new office floorplan.

Most of these online services have a 3D floorplanner as well. For users this makes it even easier to grasp the spaces they’re designing. Although setting up a 3D floorplan takes a bit more time compared to a 2D floorplan, the investment is definitely worth it. Placing 3D furniture in 3D spaces provides much better insight and helps to make the right design decisions.

Online floorplanner in 3D offers a comprehensive 3D floorplanner experience

Lots of 3D content

For the floorplan companies these 3D floorplans are quite a challenge. It’s not so much about the technology, but more about the content. Having a 3D floorplan means the stuff you want to put in your floorplan has to be 3D as well. We’re dealing with hundreds to thousands of 3d models here. Building proper 3D furniture for online use is a lot of work and requires specialist knowledge.

Some floorplanners even have branded furniture. You can use this to make customers pay return visits. After all, who wouldn’t want to put the latest season Vitra designs in their floorplan? This means professionals should maintain the catalog of 3D furniture continuously.

3D content in floorplanner
This floorplanner offers 2348 3D items and counting…

Empower 3D model providers

How do floorplanner companies manage this recurring workload? It would be best to give brands or experienced 3D content suppliers the tools to prepare and build the 3D models themselves. These tools would ensure the 3D models are up to par, compatible with the specific floorplanner product and look their best. This has many advantages:

  • brands keep their catalogs of 3D furniture up to date themselves
  • users have access to the newest pieces of furniture for their 3D floorplans
  • floorplanner companies can focus on what they do best: manage the platform


ExhibitCore is one of those companies offering such a tool. ExhibitCore enables you to build floorplans geared towards events and exhibits in 3D. However, you can plan your own home just fine if you want. Exhibit builders often employ some sort of building system to assemble exhibition stands quickly and efficiently. Wouldn’t it be great if the exhibit builder has his own custom building system readily available in his floorplanner environment? This is exactly what ExhibitCore enables you to do. I helped ExhibitCore by building a tool for 3ds Max. It serves as a bridge to bring custom 3D models to the ExhibitCore platform without a sweat. Once the 3D models arrive in the floorplanner they’re ready to use.

Exhibitcore floorplanner
The exhibitCore floorplanner lets you add your own 3D content with the help of a simple tool

Optimize workflow

This tool allows you to connect the 3D modeler directly to the ExhibitCore platform. No more dealing with complicated export-settings, missing textures and unclear deliverables. The 3D content is uploaded directly to your account on the floorplanner and ready to use in floorplans immediately.

Besides handling the logistic side of moving the 3D models from A to B, the tool Exhibitcore offers also improves the visual quality of the 3D model by lightbaking. This is a process where proper lighting is baked into the model.

Interested in optimizing your 3D workflow? Want to open up your 3D furniture catalog to brands and 3D content providers? Need to add quality to your 3D models? Get in touch with me

Check out this video with a demonstration of the tool


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2018-09-17 at 14:39

Hi, I’m interested to purchase exhibit core. But when I try to upload 3d model, it keeps showing runtime error: struct member access requires instances: parents struct. I have emailed and PM through messenger weeks ago, but nobody reply. I really hopw I can start to use your software asap

Klaas Nienhuisreply
2018-09-17 at 19:42
– In reply to: Lee

Hi Lee, I’m sorry I can’t help you. I’ve been commissioned to write this script years ago. I’m not part of the exhibitcore company.

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