Just released: Exhibitcore for 3ds Max

I’ve recently finished a project for the people at ExhibitCore. It’s a model publisher which lightbakes 3D models directly from 3ds Max to your account on the Exhibitcore floorplanner.

Besides lightbaking it makes sure your 3D model is compatible and adds special features for later use in the online floorplanner. I’ve also written full user documentation and made a bunch of video tutorials to get new users up to speed quickly.

Check it out on the site of Exhibitcore, take a peek at the docs or check a quick quick overview of the script:

It’s suddenly very easy to get good looking content into your own floor plans

exhibitcore 3D floorplanner exporter for 3dsmax
This tool exports your 3D models directly to your account on exhibitcore. At the same time it can perform several operations to enhance quality and structure of the 3D model.

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