Sketchfab more stable and plugin of the month at autodesk

The Sketchfab publisher for 3dsMax has been featured as plugin of the month at autodesk. I’ve done a few updates to get it there, mainly regarding the handling of the api-key the user enters into the script window. The api-key is handled much better now. Besides that, the script also seems compatible with max 2014 which should come out in a few weeks/months.

Download Sketchfab Publisher here


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esam azzamreply
2013-03-16 at 15:14


2016-01-19 at 16:39


i’m definitely not new to 3dsmax, but I am new to sketchfab. I did install your plugin. It nicely renders the backed light to two textures, but then the long wait starts. In the end I get the message: There is a bad request. –runtime error: dotnet…. (the rest of the text is outside the message box and can’t be read).
Apperently the message itself is a link of some kind, but when I click it, it only opens a directory on my local system. Please advice.

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