WhatsMyName version 5 released

WhatsMyName 005 has been released. This update includes two major new features and plenty of small updates.

WhatsMyName is a script which helps you rename objects in 3ds Max efficiently. You create lists of often used names and store these in a file. After that you just need to doubleclick such a name and all selected objects have been renamed!

Get WhatsMyName here

Studio setup

Use two different library-files: a personal and a private one. Besides that you can pick a public libraryfile from disk. This enables you to implement this script in a multi-user environment. You use the public library to store common, shared words and dictionaries. Each user can keep his own personal library, separately from the public library. The ability to pick a library-file from disk means you can also create project-specific libraries and share them with other people working on the same project. Find out more on setting it up in this article.

Pick different libraries to enable a studio-setup

Scene names

You can store names of objects in the current scene. This makes it easy to create a library based on the currently opened max-file. Just drag the names of objects in the scene into a new dictionary and they’re stored. This is one more step towards the no-typing mantra.

A new default library has been added: “Current scene”


This library shows all unique objectnames in the current scene


This new library also shows up in the manage-pane


Drag&drop a scene-name to a library to add it to the library


Add the name directly to the library from the dropdown


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