WhatsMyName version 4 released

WhatsMyName is a script for 3dsMax which renames objects. The script displays a list of words you can create yourself. Just doubleclick one of these words to rename selected objects.

Get WhatsMyName here

The latest version contains the following new features:

  • Switch between two library files. This is a step towards a studio setup, where multiple users can use a single public library which is managed centrally. The second library is a personal one, which is unique to single users. For now only the switching is supported. The next version will support the studio setup.
  • Better gui. the gui is based on the xtraTreelist by devExpress which supports a lot of features. At the moment drag&drop is supported as well as typing in the list. Typing will highlight the first matching entry in the list.
  • Multi-word input: the user should add his own words to create libraries. This version adds the possibility to add multiple words in one go. Separate words with comma’s when typing a new word.
  • Dialog position: the dialog remembers its position between sessions.
Switch libraries


Type to select matching words


Add multiple words at once


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