WhatsMyName documentation: studio setup

WhatsMyName is a script for 3dsMax which can be run by a single user or by an entire studio. Keeping a single library of words for an entire studio has it’s benefits. You can endorse a consistent way of naming objects and avoid spelling problems across users of different nationalities.

Get the WhatsMyName script

The script is setup to be used by a single user by default. With some minor adjustments it can be embedded in a studio-environment. There are two ways to do this.

Local script

First install the script on each client-machine. After that create a new library or use the default one. Move that library to a central location on a server. This has to be a location each user can get to at all times. Finally have every user point their script to that specific library once. The system will remember it’s location.

Pick a library from disk

Server script

Many studios use a central location to run their scripts from. This makes it easier to update and maintain a consistent set of scripts for all connected users. WhatsMyName is set up to be integrated easily in such setups. First incorporate the scriptfiles in your central script-launcher. Point your launcher to the “whatsMyName_RUN.ms” script. This file will run all other related scriptfiles. Then, edit some filepaths in that script. There are four hard-coded file-paths of which three need to be fitted for your server.

		strXmlBasePath = (getDir #userScripts) +@"KlaasToolsWMNXml",
		strLocalXmlBasePath = (getDir #userScripts) +@"KlaasToolsWMNXml",
		strScriptBasePath = (getDir #userScripts) + @"KlaasToolsWMN",
		iconPath = (getDir #userIcons) + @"",
  • The strXmlBasePath is the path pointing to the public-library xml-file. This is the location you want your users to share. You need to replace the “(getDir #userScripts)” with your own path.
  • The strLocalXmlBasePath is the path where each user stores his personal preferences and personal library. Keep this path pointing to a local location. The default location works just fine.
  • The strScriptBasePath is the location where all scriptfiles are located. In this setup that’s also a central location.
  • The iconPath is the path pointing to the little icon in the upper left corner of teh script. Replace the “(getDir #userIcons)” with your own location.

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