WhatsMyName version 006 released

WhatsMyName version 006 has been released. It’s mainly a bugfix release which solves compatibility issues with 3dsMax 2010 and 3dsMax 2011.

The bugs have been squashed with the help of Branko Zivkovic. Find him on scriptspot here.

Get the latest release here.



Great script, just made my day 🙂

leo chester

Great script. I had an older version installed, and tried to install the new version. Now it doesnt work. How can i uninstall & start again ?

Hi Leo, this new version works fine for me. Which max-version are you using? And is there a specific error-message?
You can manually get rid of the scriptfiles by going to your userscripts folder. Probably they’re somewhere here: C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalAutodesk3dsMaxDesign2013 – 64bitENUscriptsKlaasToolsWMN

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