Maison d’artiste in webgl

I’ve ported the model we’ve created for UAR of the maison d’artiste to a webgl viewer. check it out!

Using a 3d-viewer to present 3d-models makes a lot of sense. With the webgl technology it’s becoming very easy to distribute 3d content to clients and the audience. This is a demo and proof of concept for some project I’m working on.

To view the model you need a browser which supports webgl. IE generally doesn’t support this, most other browsers do, more or less. Try chrome or firefox.

Check out this article on the blog of the NAi

Or check out this other article on this building by me


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2012-08-02 at 19:58

Hello and great job on your exporter.

I have a question, are you able to export lighting and bumpmaps to sketchfab?

Ive seen some models with real dynamic lighting.

Klaas Nienhuisreply
2012-08-03 at 19:46
– In reply to: mindchamber

Hi Mindchamber,

you can export lighting to sketchfab. However my exporter doesn’t support it yet. The export is done with the obj-fileformat at the moment which doesn’t export lights and cameras. I’ll start working on collada-support soon. This format supports lighting. You can export your models to collada yourself and load them in sketchfab without the exporter for the time being.
Bump maps aren’t supported as far as I know, but normal maps are, even within the obj-export.

Maison d'artiste by Klaas Nienhuis on Sketchfab – DailyMreply
2013-07-11 at 09:18

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