Maproom: the new Mapmax

Maproom is the reincarnation of my mapmax tool you might have seen here on the blog. Maproom is a tool to help you create great maps. A beta is coming soon! If you’re interested, leave a comment below. I’ll make sure to include you in the newsletter.

Here are two examples: building a simple terrain with satellite images and heights and building a globe with different zoomlevels.

A simple terrain

 A globe



Hello, good job here!
I want to test this.
The final product will be free?

Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Gabriel,
I’ll add you to the list for the beta! The final product will not be for free. Possibly some functions might be free, but I’m not sure yet…

John Pollard

Defiantly let me know!

John Pollard

Will this be able to extrude building outlines like mapmax if your zoomed in?

Klaas Nienhuis

Hi John, you’re in!
I’m including a basic styling system for the osm data such as extruding building outlines or sweeping roads. However, initially I won’t get very deep into it. It’s a world of hurt with a major z-fighting challenge. Also, extruding lots of shapes is pretty heavy for 3dsMax. I’ll take a look if mcg in max 2016 can give me a good solution.

David Wortley

Hey Klaas!

This looks AWESOME! Will be really useful for us, please please let me play with it 🙂


Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Dave, thanks! I’m working on it right now and notify you once it’s ready for beta. I’d love to hear how this will fit into your projects though. Maybe we can catch up at the EUE?


Beta, Beta, we want beta! 😉

Mark Hinks

Great tool, would be happy to test as you develop.

Klaas Nienhuis

Great Mark, I’ll keep you updated!

Keith Hudson

Klaas, I’ve been following this with great interest, I would be happy to help beta test when ready, looks like a huge time saver.

Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Keith, Happy to have you on board!

Abdón Q. M.

Klaas Hello, I saw your project when the first video, you showed that moving from OpenMap to 3d max possible, and I find amazing what you’ve accomplished, I congratulate you. Greetings from Peru

Hola Klaas, vi tu proyecto cuando en los primeros videos, mostrabas que pasar de openmap a 3d max era posible, y me parece asombroso todo lo que has logrado, te felicito. Saludos desde Perú


Love to keep track of this!
Great work.


Hi Klaas,

I look forward to the release of Maproom. Any idea of cost for final product? Please consider me for beta testing.

Klaas Nienhuis

Hey Roger, I’ll definitely add you to the list. Pricing hasn’t been set yet but I’m open to suggestions!


Hi Klaas,
Fantastic work, have follow on your youtube quite some time. Can I have the opportunity to try the beta? I love the function that mapmax can load osm and generate the city landscape in short time, it really help a lot on my daily work.
Please consider me for beta testing too.

Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Ke,
thanks for the kind words. I’ll add you to the mailing list.


Hi Klaas

Any new updates on you plugin, I’m rather interested in testing.


Hi Klaas,
very nice and very useful.
Please consider me for beta testing too.
Thanks in advance.


Very impressive tool !

It might be usefull with my jobs. Can i beta test please ?




Hi Klaas, Really useful work, I’d be interested in beta testing!


is it possible to test it?



Hey Klaas,

this looks really stunning, I am going to create a project in an alpine environment in Austria. I just got height informations from a civil engineer for my work, but it would be great to get the chance to complement maproom-beta as an adjustment an find some pro & cons (presuming the region in austria has some providers offering public terrain-data)

Kind regards

Framarz Mistry

Hi Klaas,

Would love to try out this script along with a lot of your other scripts whenever they are ready for beta/final release 🙂

Thank you


Klaas, I’ve been following, I would be happy to help beta test when ready. Thanks


This is really interesting and potentially very useful. Kindly sign me up for the beta test!


Very nice tool. Add me please to mail list. Thank you.


Hi Klaas,

Very nice work! This could be very useful in Architectural Visualisations. I don’t know how accurate the data is and how trees will distort it? How far would you be able to zoom in and still have an relative accurate heightmap?


Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Thomas, thanks! Currently Maproom uses global datasets: SRTM3 and soon ETOPO2 or 5. SRTM3 has an approximate resolution of 90 meters (1 pixel is 90 m) which is not that detailed on street scale, but when mapping a city or region it works very well. My ambition is to be able to read other formats as well. For The Netherlands there’s the AHN2 dataset, which is open data. The accuracy of AHN2 is really good. Trees are usually not a problem. Clever algorithms are used to filter them out. Once Maproom can use data you provide yourself you could also map an area with a drone and put it in there. But that’s a long term roadmap.


Klass, Eres un genio. Apuntamé en la lista por favor! Muchas gracias


I’m lost on your site. I am looking to try your script, since I read a news item on a website ( 3DVF )
I am really very interested to try this script. If you can please let me try.
thank you beforehand


Hello Klaas,
Can you add me to the beta list as well. Thank you.


Hello Klaas
congratulations for the job , I’d be happy to try it .
Thank you.


Hey Klaas,

Looking fantastic.
it`d be great if we could test the beta!



Seams to be a wonderful tool… Is it possible to test the beta version?


Hi Klass

I signed up for your beta not so long ago and have been having a play around with it.

Hats off to you sir for your time and expertise in developing this.

Looking forward to see what is added in the future

Klaas Nienhuis

Hey Patrick, that’s a great idea. Do you know if ghost town is actively developed though?


Can I generate any city with this plugin, like United Arab Emirates Cities?

danny austin

Hi Klaas,

Will maproom allow me to download specific 3d building models and textures from google earth?
There are a number of specific buildings we need to download from across the USA.


Klaas Nienhuis

Hi Danny, no: maproom doesn’t provide access to google earth building and texture data I’m afraid. I’m not sure if it’s technically possible but from a licensing point of view it’s almost impossible to get any google data into maproom.

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