enrich media with 3D

Use 3D to enrich your media

enrich media with 3D

Take 3D places

3D is a powerful medium. Products, buildings, processes: 3D models can help convey a very strong message. 3D content can be consumed everywhere, on your phone, tablets, or websites. You don’t need to use images or animations anymore. Just leverage the actual real-time 3D model. Doing that can save you a lot of time.

But, creating proper 3D models is not that easy. You can download a 3D model just like that but creating the perfect model for your purpose is a whole other story. Also, bringing 3D models to a 3D platform still requires some technical knowledge. A lot can go wrong.

I can connect your 3D platform such as an augmented reality app or space planning website to popular 3D authoring software. This will bring you and your consumers much closer. I can also help build such 3D content directly.

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