REK bookcase render

3D marketing assets for Reinier de Jong


Get the app here
Get the AR markers here

Use the Augment app on your smartphone to visualize a 3D model of the REK bookcase. Print the marker-image and place it in sight, open the app and scan this QR code, point the app at the marker.

QR augmentedev
Scan this code with the Augment app for iPhone or Android


A realtime 3D model directly in the browser. Use preferrably chrome or firefox to view the model. You can comment, like or share the model with the controls at the bottom.


A prerendered spherical sequence of images giving the illusion of a real 3D object. In this case 16 steps. More steps means more files to download. Multiple vendors are avaliable for this kind of viewer.

Click the image with the mouse to load all images. Drag the mouse over the image to rotate.

REK bookcase Reinier de Jong

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