Maproom Plugs in CyberCity 3D Cities to 3ds Max

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Maproom, a powerful plug-in invented by Netherlands-based software developer Klaas Nienhuis, now enables users to create streamlined 3D city models quickly and easily in Autodesk’s 3ds Max®. Nienhuis developed Maproom to make it fast, easy, and straightforward to build a real city in just minutes.

Maproom teamed with Southern California-based CyberCity 3D, Inc. (CC3D) to create a new CC3D layer which offers highly accurate 3D city models to 3ds Max users. This is a boon to those needing to build a city map fast for site simulations, animation, virtual reality, movies, games, architectural visualization, etc. With the availability of CC3D buildings boasting up to four-inch accuracy, users get more precise, visually stimulating creations.

Downtown Chicago city model built with Maproom, CC3D, OSM, and Bing
Downtown Chicago city model built with Maproom, CC3D, OSM, and Bing

“The new CC3D buildings make the city models you create with Maproom incredibly accurate. This puts real city models in the hands of everyday 3D artists and engineers in a fraction of the cost and time,” states Nienhuis. “Whether you need a backdrop for city scale renderings, a cityscape for a game, or an environment to blow up with VFX, Maproom and CC3D are the fastest way to get results.”

“Maproom drives workflow efficiencies for city backdrops and real VR environments using CyberCity 3D building models,” states CyberCity 3D CEO Kevin DeVito. “Maproom allows us to go deeper into the Autodesk ecosystem with 3ds Max consumers of our 3D content.”

The CC3D layer in Maproom adds these light, yet highly accurate, 3D buildings to your map. CC3D creates them with its patented modeling technology utilizing photogrammetry of stereo imagery. This makes the buildings perfect for city-wide visualizations.

“You don’t always need a full-fledged map-making application to get the job done,” explains Nienhuis. “Making maps in 3ds Max means you can tie into most 3D pipelines for gaming, movies, education, design, engineering or VR. Adding CC3D buildings to those maps takes them to a whole new level. ”

City model of Miami built with Maproom and CC3D buildings. This sample area ships with Maproom for free.
City model of Miami built with Maproom and CC3D buildings. This sample area ships with Maproom for free.

Maproom users can purchase immediately available “off the shelf” city models from CyberCity 3D directly through the Maproom plug-in. Don’t see what you need? No problem. CC3D also creates “new build” city models around the globe on demand. Maproom enables you to easily define the area you need and communicate that information with CC3D.

“Creating a great map in 3D is mostly about gathering data,” relates Nienhuis. “You need shapes for buildings and roads, satellite images for textures, and other obscure files for terrain heights. Maproom takes this pain away and lets you focus on being creative.”

Please note that you must purchase Maproom Pro to use CyberCity 3D data in Maproom. Want to see how Maproom expands your 3ds Max world? The free version of Maproom ships with sample CC3D data or parts of London, Miami, and New York, so give it a spin!

To order the Maproom plug-in of download the free version, click here


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daniel najerareply
2017-01-20 at 16:03

hey Kaus,
great program, used your free version and I really like it.

Is there a list of services the program works with. In addition to bing maps and Openstreet and Mapbox.

We use nearmap since it gives us 3 inch resolution.

daniel Najera

Klaas Nienhuisreply
2017-01-20 at 19:21

Hi Daniel,
here’s a list of connected image sources: In addition to this there’s also DigitalGlobe in various flavors.
I’ve read a bit about nearmap and their API seems to be a bit different than regular mapping API’s. But it might be possible to connect Maproom to Nearmap if their terms allows it.

2017-05-12 at 18:46

what restrictions are put on demo version ?

Klaas Nienhuisreply
2017-05-16 at 11:27
– In reply to: sietycki

Hi sietycki, the demo version has less map layers available. Also, maps based on satellite images are restricted in size.

2019-01-27 at 03:11

Does it work with 2019? I downloaded the free version but it gets to the initial load screen to agree to the terms, and I can’t get any farther.

Klaas Nienhuisreply
2019-01-30 at 13:38
– In reply to: Doug

Hi Doug, yes maproom works in max 2019. But max 2019 has an unfortunate bug which disables all .net scripted interfaces. When you update max 2019 with one of the available updates, such as 2019.3, maproom (and all other scripts with a pure .net interface) will work again.

jeffrey morrisreply
2019-02-10 at 23:43

Is it possible for me to create 3D model of a city for a driving game? I tried your demo version but I couldn’t load the 3D model of New York, NY after downloading 3D models of three sample cities. How can I load the sample cities into 3DS MAX 2019?

jeffrey morrisreply
2019-02-10 at 23:52

Is it possible for me to create 3D model of Staten Island, NY for a driving game? I tried your demo version but I couldn’t load sample cities into 3DS MAX. How can I load sample cities into 3DS MAX?

Klaas Nienhuisreply
2019-02-12 at 14:38
– In reply to: jeffrey morris

Hi Jeffrey, have you checked out the docs on how to add the sample data to Maproom? Here it is:
It’s definitely possible to create a 3D city map for a driving game.

Mahipal Singhreply
2020-03-16 at 05:15

how to run trial maproom in 3ds max 2019?

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