Emory University 3D Anatomy

The medical faculty of Emory University creates its own educational apps. The university uses 3D models when it comes to explaining anatomy. They have done this for different parts of the body but found out that building multiple apps from scratch and releasing them in the app stores is inefficient and expensive.


Together with Jeffrey Moerman (www.ionizedmedia.nl) and Frodo Schering (www.frodoschering.nl) I built a web app template which enables Emory university to create unlimited anatomy apps themselves. The web app system is unique because it makes it very easy to create and publish fantastic looking 3D anatomical sites. I have used Sketchfab to show the 3D models. Sketchfab has features like sub surface scattering and translucency which give human tissue a very realistic look.


The template we made, is tailored to showing a prominent organ or other part of the body. This organ can be displayed in multiple ways, e.g. with realistic materials or with symbolic materials. Besides that, the web app is responsive. No need to sit behind a big pc in a lab. You can learn and teach on your mobile and tablet too!


Emory university now has a tool to leverage the 3D models they already make, save time while making educational apps and put it into the hands of students with ease.

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