Covision Lab 3D interactive presentations

3d rendered visuals are great to help you explain your products. You can create cutout views, exploded views and use any imaginable camera angle. You can even turn these visuals into info graphics. But they are still static views.

jacket interactive presentation
Browse the jacket in 3D and click on annotations to see additional information.

If your product is 3D, why not present it in 3D?

interactive shoe presentation
Orbit around the shoe and click the labels to get more information

This is exactly what we did for covision lab. We built two small but effective presentations. They both feature a 3D scan of a product with annotations. The visitor orbits and zooms around the 3D model and can click on annotations. The annotations contain extra information about properties of the product.

Speak to us about your 3D interactive experience

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We’ve used Sketchfab to host and display the 3d models. To improve the presentations we’ve improved the native Sketchfab annotations with custom-built annotations. This results in a fantastic, branded product experience.

“We have been working with Klaas Nienhuis on a project where his Sketchfab API development skills were needed. Klaas Nienhuis delivers high quality and always met deadlines. His communication is efficient, realistic, and transparent. We would recommend him.”

Franz Tschimben, CEO Covision Lab