Map with CyberCity 3D buildings in New York. This sample area ships with Maproom for free.
Map with CyberCity 3D buildings in London. This sample area ships with Maproom for free.City model of Miami built with Maproom and CC3D buildings. This sample area ships with Maproom for free.Mount Fuji with terrain heightsWorldmap with Mapzen terrain heights and bathymetryWorldGrayscale_MaproomAUGSUP_2015-06-08_1491AmsterdamSteps building downtown Chicago with buildings from CyberCity 3DSouth East Asia in 3D


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Make beautiful maps in 3dsMax with Maproom. Download it and try it out for free here. Want to buy it right away? Don’t hesitate!

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Product Description

Maproom helps you build great maps in a fraction of the time. Maproom downloads the data you need: satellite imagery, digital terrains, building models, building outlines and roads and combines it into a single map. No more messing around with screengrabbed satellite images and trying to match them up with other data. With Maproom making the map you need really is that easy.

What kind of maps can I make?

  • Street and city environments for architectural visualization.
  • Continent or world maps for motion graphics
  • Accurate topography for simulations
  • Virtual cities to blow up for VFX

With Maproom you’ll have a quick map at your fingertips. Don’t let building a map get in the way of what you’re actually doing.


  • Terrains: create terrains with global datasets from city scale to world scale with SRTM1, SRTM3 and ETOPO
  • Satellite images: use images from many sources such as Bing, Mapbox or DigitalGlobe
  • Openstreetmap: add OSM vector data to your map. For instance buildings, roads, parks or rivers
  • OSM stylesheets: convert OSM shapes to actual believable 3D models instantly with the built in stylesheets, or create your own stylesheets
  • KML shapes: exchange shapes with Google Earth
  • Shapefiles: import your own shapefiles or use the excellent shapefiles from Natural Earth to get global shapes such as country borders, largest cities in the world or all major airports
  • CyberCity 3D buildings: add these buildings when you need more realism and detail in your 3D mapped cities.
  • Geocoding: no more typing in lon/lat coordinates. Just type an address and let Maproom sort it out
  • Map projections: don’t like Mercator? Use one of the many other map projections including UTM, Mollweide and equidistant cylindrical. Especially UTM is useful if you need to match the map with city plans or architectural drawings.
  • Ripple map: get those shots done zooming in or out without downloading millions of images at high resolution
  • Measure: reliably measure distances on a map
  • Support: videos, full documentation, helpdesk and forum
  • One year access to updates

Download it and try it out for free here. Want to buy it right away? Don’t hesitate!

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