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Body Object Worker is a script for 3ds Max which assists you to convert body objects to triangulated meshes. When working with STP or IGS files in 3ds Max you get so called body-objects. These are a type of nurbs which are read only. You need to convert these objects to meshes to be able to edit them. 3ds Max is actually quite good at this and has lots of options to create the mesh. Why do you need this script? It happens quite often that you have files with hundreds of body objects. And to top it all off, not every object should get the same meshing settings.

Body Object Worker helps you manage meshing presets. Apply presets to many objects at once and quickly copy and paste meshing settings between objects. Use selection tools to quickly select parts by their volume, e.g. all small nuts and bolts. And I provide excellent documentation about what these settings do. Check out this blog article for instance. If you care about mesh resolution, this script will save you countless hours.

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Body Object Worker is in beta right now. Once the beta is over, it will be available for €25,- ex vat. After the first year you can keep access to updates and personal support for €15,- a year ex. vat. You always keep access to the license you’ve purchased, even if you don’t use the subscription or your subscription has expired.

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