4D terrain visualization shows changes in the terrain over time. These changes can be man-made or they can be a natural phenomenon. Land subsidence is such a phenomenon where terrain levels sink over time.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam is very vulnerable to land subsidence. The city lies close to sea level in a river delta. Land subsidence affects the urban infrastructure and hydraulic infrastructure for instance.

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Together with the remote sensing specialists at Sensar I’ve built a web app to show a 4D simulation of land subsidence.


In order to show the deformation over time, I’ve used the height data from Sensar as displacementmaps in a simple Sketchfab model. by loading each displacement map one after another, a 4D deformation is produced.

The terrain model is draped with a satellite image of the terrain or a graph which shows the amount of deformation in mm in colors.

Get more in-depth information on the website of Sensar.

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