JP Spaces Container Architecture

JP Spaces is a design agency from Germany specialized in temporary architecture. They create beautiful, container-based buildings for roadshows, pop-up stores, business events and more.

For JP Spaces we have built a very special configurator to showcase their product portfolio. Not only does it look great on all devices and helps drive more business. The client also has total control over the configurator without writing a single line of code!

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Data in 3D model

Every 3D configurator contains data. This determines the options, materials, and relations in a product. If you want to add a product to the configurator or change the options, you need to change the data. This configurator breaks the mold by reading all the data from the 3D model. By setting up the 3D model in a specific way, the 3D configurator shows all the options and menus in the correct places. This allows JP Spaces to add new products without touching any code.

Business goals

While this technical innovation is really great, the most important thing is that this 3D configurator helps the JP Spaces business. JP Spaces is primarily a design agency. Each project is unique. The 3D configurator supports this vision. In the end, this configurator generates leads which are well-informed and hyped about the possibilities.

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