Bayck is a Dutch bicycle brand with a brand new lineup of e-bikes. Their e-bikes are modular and very well designed. As part of a pitch I created a prototype configurator with a predecessor bicycle from the same brand.

Try it out here

bike configurator presets
Pick one of the four popular models to quickly switch between purpose built bikes: Messenger, Cruiser, School and Mule
bike configurator handlebar options
Use the menu to finetune your configuration. Here you can make your bike 100% yours.


This 3D configurator uses Sketchfab as 3D engine. Sketchfab is a great choice when it comes to ease-of-use, speed and visual quality. The configurator itself uses presets to switch between popular models and individual customizations. This enables you to quickly pick one of the generic models and finetune it with a different color, saddle or luggage carrier.

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