3D Car configurator

Automotive customization, there are not many activities more high-end and competitive. Smaller, bespoke brands succeed in this global market by using an integrated digital strategy for design, production, marketing, and sales. As part of this strategy, a 3D car configurator was the obvious and cost-effective choice for Techart. A 3D configurator is the perfect tool to excite customers, showcase products and streamline the sales process.

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With well over 300.000 downloads, the configurator has fully met our expectations.


Premium refinement

Techart is an international brand for adding “premium refinement to your Porsche”. They offer a wide range of high-end products, such as handcrafted interior refinement, aerodynamic body kits, engine enhancements and customized wheels.

Techart has worked with Schweizer Design Consulting for many years, designing aerodynamic packages and accessories as well as developing the digital strategy.

Slide Engagement Have your customers play with your product and increase their engagement.


This 3D car configurator is a captivating experience for the automotive enthusiast. The ease-of-use and visual quality turns visitors into loyal customers. The streamlined checkout process increases the quality of new leads and helps the sales team close deals faster.

The built-in social sharing makes the 3D configurator a great boost to marketing. Engagement has exceeded expectations by 67% in the first year. The e-commerce benefits are real and match that of large car brands.

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When Schweizer Design Consulting planned the 3D configurator for their client, they needed help developing the website and working with the 3D models online. They turned to me and my partner Innouveau as we have built many 3D interactive experiences, especially with Sketchfab. We’ve taken great care implementing the interaction and visual designs and the 3D data created by Schweizer Design Consulting as accurately as possible.

My ambition in every project is to go beyond development and look at the business goals of my client. We have proven ourselves as a sustainable partner to Schweizer Design Consulting. During the last years, we have added several new vehicles and options to the configurator. More vehicles are planned.


One of the challenges when building 3D configurators is capturing all the relations and the logic of the products. At the heart of the project lies a flexible data model that we can extend when new car models and products are released. Where I see a complex web of rules and relations, a visitor of the site sees possibilities to make their car the best it can be.

We have challenged ourselves to surpass the visual quality of what other car brands offer, at a fraction of the cost. Sketchfab is the 3D engine of our choice as it enables us to push the boundaries of online configuration. The quality of lighting, the carpaints, the fidelity of the 3D models and performance make the configurator fun and engaging.


We can wholeheartedly recommend working with Klaas Nienhuis. Klaas Nienhuis supported us with his expertise of 3D configurators. His communication is clear, and his solid project management means deadlines are met on time and within budget.

Steffen Theurer
Business Development Manager at Schweizer Design Consulting

Our 3D configurator has enabled us to present our products on a new level. It is used by customers and prospects worldwide to create truly individual configurations. The PDF output of the configurator has made it easier for our sales team to follow up with potential leads.

With well over 300.000 downloads, the configurator has fully met our expectations.

Tobias Beyer
Managing Director, TECHART Automobildesign GmbH