Discover the endless possibilities of configurators and 3D experiences.

Boost efficiency, simplify your sales process, engage customers – and much more.

At Klaas Nienhuis Studio we develop well-designed and easy to use product configurators and 3D experiences. Offering you exactly what you need to achieve your business and marketing objectives. In the long and short run.

Product configurators

Impress customers with outstanding product visualizations. Make customizing and ordering products easier than ever. Link orders directly to production and the warehouse. Shorten the purchase process and boost overall efficiency.

3D interactive experiences

Engage visitors and customers with interactive experiences. Give clients and colleagues clear insights in complexity and simplify processes. Lift product tutorials to a 3D level and make offline experiences scalable online.

Premium vehicle configurators

Offer valuable leads a high-end experience, boosting buyer confidence and up-sells. Explain all features and show customizable options. Verify clients’ decisions beforehand and make your sales process more efficient.


Adam Łyczakowski, Co-Founder FreeDomes

Klaas and the team did an exceptional job, guiding us through the complex process of building a configurator. They were responsive and cooperative and, being experts at their trade, were quick with solutions to our requests. I can recommend working with Klaas and the team to anyone who’s looking to build a web app involving 3D content.

Christian Lück


I have collaborated intensively with Klaas Nienhuis while we created our particularly complex 3D grill configurator. For a project of this scale a careful approach and structured way of working is essential. I was able to rely fully on Klaas Nienhuis throughout the project. In terms of both deadlines and budgets, everything was always 100% right.

John Miller

Co-founder Launchvox

I’ve worked extensively with Klaas on large, real-time interactive projects and found him to be nothing short of a true professional. He communicates extremely well; is a unique problem solver; delivers on time; meets the timelines and through it all, never ran into surprises. If Klaas has landed in your inbox, I highly recommend and encourage you to consider the positive outcomes in having him on your side.

Our process: Discovery, Design, Development

We start with a Discovery phase

First we establish the main objectives. Which problems do we need to solve and what is the desired outcome? We paint a picture of the best possible solution, after which we decide what information, features, connections, call to actions and the 3D data and models are needed to realize the project.

We make a Design

Based on the discovery phase, we hand craft an interaction and visual design – in line with your visual identity. All features and functionalities are packaged in a custom experiece.

We Develop the 3D solution

After the approval of the design, we create custom software, use best practices and proven technologies, to develop a highly reliable and effective solution.

About us: Klaas Nienhuis Studio

Delivering well-designed and easy to use configurators and 3D experiences that offer our clients exactly what they need. That’s our main goal. Communicating directly and working efficiently. Offering advanced 3D solutions, for a competitive price.

As a small team of dedicated specialists, using custom software and established platforms – such as Sketchfab – we can make (almost) anything possible. Together we set up a clear strategy , giving you our honest opinion on what would work best. We help you to get a clear focus, after which we implement the logic that your 3D solution requires.

We pair modern technologies with hand crafted design, to help you truly engage customers – without overwhelming them. Keeping them on board, not by showing millions of options at once, but by guiding them quietly towards the desired outcome