verold 3ds max

Publish Verold models from within 3ds Max

I’ve recently finished a project for Verold¬†which allows you to publish your 3D model from within 3ds Max to Verold.

Make an account on Verold, get the script and start publishing!


During the publishing process the script in 3ds Max can lightbake your model and it even preserves your animations where possible. There are a few options to determine the size of the lightbaked textures. You can either render your textures to a fixed number of textures of a preset size. You can also let the script determine the most appropriate texturesize for each object based on its surface area.

verold 3ds max
An overview of the script


After a 3D model has been published from 3ds Max to Verold you can embed it anywhere online. It also works great on mobile platforms.


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