Twitter in 3ds Max: tweetMax

Twitter in 3ds Max

My latest script enables you to send tweets with images directly from within 3ds Max. Linking 3ds Max to social media isn’t just fun but also very useful. Sending tweets from within 3ds Max makes very fast communication possible. Besides that, getting support or sending bug-messages just became a breeze. Download the script here

This video shows you how to use twitter in 3ds Max


You can add one image per tweet: either a screengrab or the last render if you have one. Just press the “Insert image” button and you’ll see a new panel. Here you can either capture any window or insert the latest render. If you pick “Capture any window”, the script-window will disappear and you can click anywhere on screen to capture that window. Sometimes you have to click twice to get the image. Once the script has captured the image, the window reappears. Just try a few times to get the hang of it.

tweetmax image capture twitter 3ds Max
You can add any window as an image


After composing your message and inserting an optional image, press the “Send tweet now” button. The tweet will be posted and you’ll see a progressbar showing the progress of the upload of the image. That’s it!


Of course you’ll have to authorize tweetMax to be able to connect to your twitter account. Open up the “Authorize tweetMax” panel and follow the steps. Like any other authorization process you’ll be asked to login to your twitter account and allow tweetMax to send tweets for you. The script doesn’t have access to and won’t store your credentials. It will store a unique key generated just for you so you don’t have to login everytime you want to tweet something. You can revoke access of tweetMax anytime from within your twitter account in the settings>apps menu.

This video shows you how to authorize the tweetMax script to post to your twitter account

tweetmax revoke access
You can revoke access anytime


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Twitter in 3ds Max: tweetMax – CGdownreply
2013-08-12 at 17:50

[…] Download From HERE […]

2014-04-28 at 19:42

Your script is awesome, it would be greater if it can tweet me notifications about my render progress!! That would be nice!! Thanks

Klaas Nienhuisreply
2014-04-28 at 21:50

Hi Marcos, thanks!
At the time I developed this I also thought about that but quickly dismissed it. Imagine rendering 1000 frames of animation. Your followers wouldn’t be pleased with 1000 tweets of that! Keep in mind this thing isn’t tweeting at you but as you.

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