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I’m releasing sketchfab 6 beta for 3ds max. This release packs a bunch of bug-fixes, handles export-presets better and does more streaming. This should make it possible to publish larger models without running out of memory.

Main changes

Better preset handling for obj-exports
More efficient memory-management, enables larger uploads

The changelog

2012-07-26: externalized the token struct
2012-08-13: made the ini-path relative to the current scriptpath
2012-07-27: externalized the obj and objPreset struct
2012-07-27: adjusted the obj-preset methods. It should work with the presetfiles correctly now.
2012-08-04: externalized the zip-methods
2012-08-04: added dropdown to pick an exporter. This choice is sticky
2012-08-08: added opencollada support
2012-08-13: added a check which tells you if you have the opencollada exporter
2012-08-13: added a field for tags
2012-08-13: moved the description and tags fields to a separate rollout
2012-08-29: added a source-field to the json file. This parameter contains the versionnumber of the current max-session
2012-09-23: externalized multithreading
2012-09-23: externalize json methods
2012-09-23: imporved the flow of exporting to an obj. Implemented denisT’s workaround for the #noprompt bug with the obj-exporter
2012-09-23: moved out some methods to their repsective structs
2012-09-26: added streamed version of fn_convertFile2Base64. Doesn’t deliver consistently on the memory-reduction yet. Maybe output to a file directly instead of a variable
2012-09-26: disabled the collada export till sketchfab has better support for it
2012-09-26: adjusted the fn_parseResponse to accomodate for varying responses. As of now the warning of a broken thumbnail seems to be gone…
2012-07-27: adjusted the fn_addPreset2List-method. It should correctly add the preset to the presets-file now.
2012-07-27: adjusted fn_replaceCurrentPreset to ignore any other external presets
2012-08-04: improved implementing of the obj-presets
2012-08-04: removed the hardcoded obj-preset. The preset is stored now in an ini-file shipped with the script
2012-08-04: disabled fn_replaceCurrentPreset and fn_createNewExportPreset
2012-09-23: added a timer and improved handling of the export dialogs. Removed the button-press for the user
2012-09-23: edited errorhandling to make more sense with my script
2012-09-23: improved saving of the error-file


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Fernando Elolareply
2016-05-10 at 09:48

I am trying to export to sketchfab a big model ( 2,657k faces) with your 3dsmax exporter. An error is appearing in the screen.
“There is a bad request.– Runtime error: dotnet …”
I can´t read the rest of the warning since it is out of the script window.
Is there any log file to find out what is going on?
Can this be a problem with the size of the model?
Thanks for your great scripts.

Klaas Nienhuisreply
2016-05-10 at 10:12
– In reply to: Fernando Elola

Hi Fernando, you should be able to see a log of the error when you open the maxscript listener (press F11). If you make a ticket on my helpdesk here I can take a look at it. You can also make a new post in the sketchfab forums with the same information.
If your model has about 2.5 million faces uploading might either take a long time and eventually time out, or the exported model is more than what your sketchfab account allows. The free account has a limit of 50 MB per upload. This 50 MB includes textures. So if your using high res tiff or png images you will run into this issue pretty quick.

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