Renderitis v008 update

Renderitis for 3dsMax just received an update to version 008. The main new feature is the integration of the common environment settings into a preset. This also includes any texturemap applied to environmentmap slot. Besides that some overall fixes and cleanup have been made.

Environmentsettings are now part of a preset

Environmentsettings now are part of every preset

Get and set the texturemaps


Any texture applied to the environment slot can be stored in a preset. The texture is stored in a material library as part of the renderitis system. Any external assets however stay where they are. So if you use a bitmap as an environmentmap, the bitmaptexture is stored in the matlib but the actual image file stays where it is. So it’s still important to keep track of your assets. I might change this in the future however. When applying the preset to the scene, you can choose to apply the entire preset or either the renderer-part or the environment-part of the preset.

Having this feature now makes it easier to implement other renderengines. Engines such as vray contain texutres and materials. Having the matlib-support will speed up the implementation of at least one extra render-engine in the near future.

Adding these new features made me aware that I need to do some work on the gui. The amount of options popping in and out of the gui is a very bad thing. This will confuse the user very quickly.

Future development is planned:

  • multiple-user/studio mode. Share a single preset across multiple users over a network
  • rights-management: some users may edit a preset, others can only view and apply the preset
  • support for more renderengines and maxversions
  • better gui-design



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