Renderitis shaping up

I’ve posted before about my script: renderitis, the open method in storing, using and sharing rendersettings. I’m making more adjustments to the script. Some are cosmetic, others improve the usability.  At the moment four renderengines are supported. Settings can be viewed and changed within the script, or recorded from the scene. At the moment, materials can also be stored. This means every preset-group has two sidecar files: the xml with all the values and a matlib with the materials and textures. I’d love to store those materials in the xml as well, but that’s just not possible.
Take a peek at the current state of affairs!

Overview of the script

You can see the preset-groups at the top left. In the treeview you can see a list of presets. One is expanded with all it’s rollouts visible. On the bottom left all supported renderengines are shown. You can press one of these buttons to switch engine. On the right all settings and values of the selected rollout are being shown.

The next step is figuring out an easy installation procedure. You can set rights to certain machines. From these machines the settings can be edited. From other machines this is not possible. This poses an extra challenge for an easy installation. All the sidecar-files don’t make it easier as well. Not to mention all the changing renderengines which have to be supported.

A small explanation of the interface.

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