WhatsMyName script

Whatsmyname is a script which manages words. Keep dictionaries of words and apply these as names to objects. Use this to get consistent, error free naming of objects in 3dsMax.


In many pipelines, object names are very important. Many parts of the process rely on correct names. Apart from that, who wants to look at a file with objects called “Box001” and “Rectangle018”? Keeping object names correct requires attention and discipline. Also, when working with a large team, typos are unavoidable. WhatsMyName keeps dictionaries of words in a list. Just select some objects, doubleclick a name in the list and voila! The objects have been renamed.

Just doubleclick a word and the objects are renamed

Team work

While using scripts to rename objects is hardly new, keeping a list of often used names is very handy. WhatsMyName allows you to keep a central library-file with multiple dictionaries. Store the library on a server and point the individual scripts to this file. This makes it so much easier to implement a naming convention across a studio. You can add any number of dictionaries to the library.Make project-specific dictionaries or type-specific dictionaries. For instance: architecture, game or civil engineering projects. Apart from the central library each user can keep a personal library.

Pick a dictionary which applies to your current 3D model


  • Rename, select, isolate and hide based on names listed in the dictionaries
  • Store multiple dictionaries
  • Capture names from the scene without typing
  • Manage one single library for multiple users on a network
  • Keep personal libraries separate from shared libraries
The basic script



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