Show your 3d models on Sketchfab

Show your 3d models directly on sketchfab. I’ve written a maxscript which helps you publish your models from 3ds Max. Sketchfab is an online platform for viewing 3d models directly in your browser. Using this script you can easily publish your 3d models to this platform and show your 3d models to the world. This is very convenient for e.g. portfolios, communication with clients or presentations. The latest version of the publisher is much faster and more stable.

Download Sketchfab Publisher here

This video shows how easy it is to get your 3D models onto sketchfab

This is a model hosted on sketchfab, embedded in this blog.

Upload model

To upload a model: open the script and select some objects. Only selected objects will be published. Enter a title and optionally some tags and a description. You can edit these also when the model has been uploaded to sketchfab. The title is mandatory however. After that, press the “Publish selected objects to Sketchfab” button.

Explanation of the main functions in the script
Press the link after the upload has been completed to open the model on sketchfab

Enter token

To upload models from 3ds Max, you need a token to communicate with the sketchfab API. You can find your token on your dashboard on the sketchfab site. To get to your dashboard, you first have to sign up with sketchfab. You can also do that with twitter or facebook. The first time you open the script, you enter the token. It will remember it. Keep in mind that the token is stored as plain text, there’s no security built in to protect your token.

Enter your token and press enter to confirm
Get your token from the sketchfab website after you’ve logged in.

Wavefront OBJ

The publisher uses the obj-format to upload to sketchfab. Not all features which are supported in the obj-format are supported by sketchfab. Check out this article to see some examples of supported features. Find the obj and mtl definitions here. The publisher contains a obj export-preset which has the optimal settings for sketchfab.


You probably want to show your model off on a forum or blog. The best way to do that is to embed the model as an iframe. At the top of this article you see a description. I’ve also written another article which shows some examples of the possibilities with the iframe.


Thanks to the team at sketchfab for helping me out with all my questions and for creating such a cool product: Cedric Pinson and Alban Denoyel

Mini disclaimer

This script is provided as-is. If there are any bugs or problems, you can leave a comment here. This script has been developed on 3ds Max 2012 and tested on 3ds Max 2012 and 2010

Version 007

  • implements sketchfab API V2
  • faster and more stable uploads
  • doesn’t create a thumbnail anymore, sketchfab does this for you

Version 005

  • streamed upload
  • progressbar
  • improved compatibility with older max-versions


Fantastic script!
This is by far the easiest way to get models onto the web, thanks for your work on this one.

The script has been updated to version 5


hey klaas!

thanks so much for doing this.
i’m having a hell of a time getting my lights out of 3dsmax into Sketchfab. how do you recommend this?


Hi Sean, I can imagine you’re not getting your lights onto sketchfab. This exporter works with the OBJ fileformat which doesn’t support lights at all. Sketchfab uses default lights in that case.

You can however use the collada format (opencollada recommended That one does support lights. If you don’t export lights with opencollada your scene will turn out black.
Last time I checked the collada support from 3dsMax regarding shaders was pretty limited. Only diffuse textures if I remember well.



many thanks~!

Hallo klaas

Wanneer ik 3dsmax2sketcfab.mzp in 3dsmax proberen openen, krijg ik een foutmelding 193 (failed to inititalize. Not a valid Win32 application).

Ik ben erg dom met het goed, wat doe ik verkeerd?


Hoi Rikus,
je kan het mzp-bestand installeren door het in een viewport te slepen of door het te runnen (menu > maxscript > run script…). Je kan het mzp-bestand niet openen alsof het een gewoon max-bestand is. gebruik in ieder geval de laatste versie:
Hopelijk helpt dit,


i have error (i use 3dmax2009): in debuger i see

– Control: dotNetObject:CSharpUtilities.SynchronizingBackgroundWorker
>> MAXScript dotNet event handler Exception: — Unable to convert: undefined to type: Integer <<
Sending scene to sketchfab
320 ms
memory 69656L

Script stop in line
100 local theEnd = (ftell theBinStream ) as integer –get the last position of the file
do you have any suggestions?

Hi Pasha, the script hasn’t been tested on max 2009. Could you try it in max 2010 or up?


Hi Klaas,

Great script and I love the blog.
What i’m missing in this script is a simple option to bake the (GI) lighting into the textures. Like you did with the Augment Plugin. Naturally suitable for Vray and in combination with LWF.
Any chance to see this option in the future?

Thanks and kind regards,

Hi Toni,
thanks for the kind words.
Yes, I’d love to add that to the publisher. However, adding a lightbaker takes a considerable amount of time. If you ask the guys at Sketchfab real nice, they might consider paying me to do so! BTW, “simple option”?? that doesn’t really reflect reality!!



How did you make this model with lights and shadows?
I tried exporting fbx ,obj and etc.
Can you please tell me how I export my lights with shadows?
I work with Softimage.

Hi Diego, the lights and shadows have been “baked” into the textures. It’s a process where the lighting in the scene is rendered into the textures. These rendered textures then replace the original textures. In 3dsMax this is called “Render to texture” or RTT. You can also search for lightbaking or texturebaking. I’m not familiar with softimage, but I’m sure it can also perform this task.
The export format is actually unrelated to this.



I installed Sketchfab script in 3ds max 2010 and it works very well. But I haven’t found out yet how to export light and shadows along with a model.
Any advice about this?

Many thanks.

Hi Lzar,
if you mean texturebaked lights and shadows: that’s not included in this script yet. I’m actually working on an update which does the texturebaking for you. It will be out shortly.


Hello Klaas,

I’d like to ask for an advice or explanation about exporting 3D models from Max to Sketchfab.

Can I export light source from Max (i.e Omni light)? Or how to get a light source in Sketchfab? I haven’t realized how to get light and shadows on Sketchfab such as shown in the video above.

Hi Laki, when using the exporter you can’t export light sources. The obj format which is used, doesn’t support this kind of object. If you export manually from 3dsMax with collada (opencollada is a good one) you can export light sources.

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