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3D shoes for Awl & Sundry

Recently the online men’s shoe shop Awl & Sundry has launched. Awl & Sundry offers affordable, customizable men’s dress shoes. I’m proud to have helped to bring their configurator up to speed on multiple levels. Take a look on their website. Configurator Like many startups in ecommerce, Awl & Sundry had to manage many things […], Vray and vrmat and Vray Recently I’ve built a tool which syncs 3ds Max and Check it out here. Within you can render your scenes with Vray. This triggered the vrmat feature. It’s now possible to send your models to and keep your Vray shaders intact! How cool is that? Get the script right […] 

3D Ceiling generator for Floored

A 3D ceiling generator for 3ds Max. This script was built for Head over to their site to see the cool stuff they’re doing. This script allows them to build ceilings of virtually any size from parametric ceiling tiles very quickly. Besides that the script contains a pattern editor which allows them to create […] 

Just released: Exhibitcore for 3ds Max

I’ve recently finished a project for the people at ExhibitCore. It’s a model publisher which lightbakes 3D models directly from 3ds Max to your account on the Exhibitcore floorplanner. Besides lightbaking it also makes sure your 3D model is compatible and also can add special features for later use in the online floorplanner. I’ve also […] 

Online floorplanner in 3D

Make floorplans in 3D Nowadays it’s a breeze to redesign your home. No need to learn complex CAD software, just do it online. Plenty of online services are available to help you create a floorplan for your new livingroom, bedroom or garden. Check out, homestyler, roomsketcher, exhibitcore or planner5d for example. Also for businesses […] 

Connecting Clara.IO with 3ds Max

Get the script right here 2014-04-04: new version 1.18: better renderer detection, material names fixed 2014-03-21: new version 1.16: added support for vrmats. Check this article 2014-03-07: new version 1.11: Mainly updated the gui and added more feedback on the upload and download process Clara.IO Clara.IO is an online 3D DCC tool. It runs in […] 

The new Augmented Reality workflow

Augmented reality and 3ds Max? Not that hard! Getting 3D models from your favorite 3D software (mine is 3ds Max) to your augmented reality production needn’t be that hard. At the moment however you need a lot of specialists to get the job done. I propose an update to the workflow to make things easy. […] 

Git and maxscript

Using some kind of version control when programming is always a good idea. While building my maxscripts I tend to explore options, preview stuff to clients and need to go back for lost pieces of code. Version control is a great way to enable that without going crazy. I’m using GIT, but there are many […] 



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