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3D makes AR pop

Augmented Reality is 3D But why don’t we see more great 3D content in augmented reality productions? And why isn’t it easier to get a simple 3D model into an AR app?  You still need specialists to handle this and even then it’s hard to get right the first time. Let’s look into this and […] 

Match .NET controls with a custom ui in 3ds Max

When developing scripts for user one goal is to make the script interface look nice to the user. Though it’s not the most important thing, it helps the user feel more confident using the script. I’m using a method to match colors in my script interfaces, especially in .NET controls, with a custom ui color. […] 

Instant configurator with 3ds Max and

This is a small walkthrough of a script I’m working on which allows you to view different states of your 3ds Max scene online with How cool is that? And here’s the actual configurator running on Press some of the icons to see the different options. Walkthrough To begin with, you need a […] 

3D models expire

What to do when your meshes grow mold? Every 3D model has an expiration date. That’s the moment it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore. Many things can trigger a 3D model to expire. For instance the hardware it was meant to run on is out of date, it doesn’t look good anymore compared to other […] 

Automated 3D model conversion

Recently I’ve finished a project for a local client who needed to process a bunch of 3D models. Actually not that many, about one hundred of them but it’s a first batch of a model library of thousands of 3D models. Automation was required! I had to make these high-res models which were intended for […] 

3D shoes for Awl & Sundry

Recently the online men’s shoe shop Awl & Sundry has launched. Awl & Sundry offers affordable, customizable men’s dress shoes. I’m proud to have helped to bring their configurator up to speed on multiple levels. Take a look on their website. Configurator Like many startups in ecommerce, Awl & Sundry had to manage many things […], Vray and vrmat and Vray Recently I’ve built a tool which syncs 3ds Max and Check it out here. Within you can render your scenes with Vray. This triggered the vrmat feature. It’s now possible to send your models to and keep your Vray shaders intact! How cool is that? Get the script right […] 

3D Ceiling generator for Floored

A 3D ceiling generator for 3ds Max. This script was built for Head over to their site to see the cool stuff they’re doing. This script allows them to build ceilings of virtually any size from parametric ceiling tiles very quickly. Besides that the script contains a pattern editor which allows them to create […] 



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